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Technical and Maintenance Services

With over 30+ years of experience Sevenair Maintenance holds EASA Part 145, Part M and Part 21 Certifications offering to the market highly skilled maintenance and technical services covering the full scope of needs in general aviation.

Part 145

Currently holding two certifications, one for Avionics and one for General Maintenance.

General Maintenance
  • Booster Pumps
  • Hydraulic Pumps Actuators
  • Trim Couplers
  • Power Packs
  • Bleed Valves
  • Landing Gears
  • Landing Gear Actuators, Synchrophazers and Synchronizers
  • Injector Valves
  • Air Conditioning Components
  • FCU – Flow Control Unit
  • Anti-Ice System Components
Avionics – repair, overhaul and modification of:
  • Radar: DME, transponders, radio altimeters.
  • Navigation & Communication: VOR, ILS, ADF, VHF/UHF comm, radio control panels, PA systems.
  • Avionics & Electronics: digital and analog systems.
  • Electrical Power: indoor and outdoor lights, AC/DC controls and power distribution, power protection systems.
  • Annual inspection of general aviation aircraft.

Part M

Our team of highly skilled engineers is responsible for the airworthiness control of over 120 aircraft, including multiple turbine and piston engines flying 90,000 hours per year.

Part 21

One of the few companies with this certification in Portugal we offer to the market highly technical projects managed by our team of fully dedicated engineers.

Sevenair Maintenance is the official service center in Portugal for

With 30+ years of experience as an EASA Part 145, Part M and Part 21 certified company, aircraft maintenance is one of Sevenair’s core services, offering to the market highly skilled maintenance and technical services covering the full scope of needs in general aviation.
With 30+ years of experience as an EASA Part 145, Part M and Part 21 certified company, aircraft maintenance is one of Sevenair’s core services, offering to the market highly skilled maintenance and technical services covering the full scope of needs in general aviation.

Project & Engineering

Sevenair has the EASA PART 21 certification, Design Organisation Approval (D.O.A.). Our engineering department has the ability to evaluate, design, certify and execute “minor” changes, “major” changes, STC to light and heavy aircrafts such as avionics retrofits, cabin reconfigurations and major structural repairs.


Equipment repair, certified to carry out repairs on all kind of Aircraft Communications and Navigation equipment, installed on light and heavy aircraft, covering most manufacturers.

We have the ability to carry out inspection work and upgrade the installed wiring as needed.

Our highly qualified staff has the skills to cover most engineering challenges within our core competences.

I&D – Research & Dev

We have the necessary infrastructure to develop, produce and test equipment in simulated and real flight conditions, combined with an engineering team bringing valuable experience in systems modelling, design and prototyping, proven by decisive work performed under previous unmanned aircraft related projects.


Provides highly integrated next generation hardware/software solutions in Control, Navigation and Data Acquisition for the unmanned systems and light aviation markets.

Our engineering team can develop all kinds of customised electronic systems with full in-house work on firmware, software and hardware.

Our development process makes use of new technological approaches to provide flexibility of expansion, redundancy, upgradeability, precision and greater levels of robustness.

General Components

As a certified PART 145 organisation, Sevenair has the ability to perform maintenance to different types of aircraft included in its Technical Approval Certificate.


Turbine engine aircraft (with MTOW above 5700 kg)

Piston engine aircraft – light and ultralight

Piston engine helicopters

Engine Overhaul

Our extensive experience in engine overhaul, accumulated over 20 years working with piston engines, allows us to offer our customers the highest quality of service and lifetime warranty.


List PIN, all TCM and Lycoming TCM reciprocating engines.

Shock-loading inspection.

Carburettors, injection systems and fuel pumps.

Electrical accessories.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of magnetos, ignition harnesses, starters and alternators.

Inspection, repair and overhaul of turbo charger systems and components.

Structural Repair

With an experience of more than 30 years, we are certified to perform heavy structural repair on most types of aircraft.

Aircraft Painting

We have years of experience painting light and medium aircraft, with certified quality, customised skin fuselage repair and specialised treatments.


Painting of general aviation aircraft and helicopters, engines, landing gears, wheels, brakes and structural components.

Painting of components for machines and plant systems.

Preparation of components, surface treatment and blasting facilities.

Sourcing of special paints according to customer requirements.

Customised paint services.

Propeller Systems

We provide all services ranging from maintenance, repair and overhaul of small general aviation fixed-pitch propellers.


Overhaul of fixed-pitch propellers made by Sensenich, Hartzell and McCauley.

Overhaul of propeller governors, feather pumps, etc.

Customised painting according to customer requirements.

Brakes & Wheels

Employing state-of-the art technology and holding all relevant approvals, our highly skilled engineers are able to perform maintenance and overhaul work on aircraft wheels and brakes.


Overhaul of components used in commercial air transport, regional and general aviation according to manufacturer specifications.

Wheels overhaul according to the relevant Component Maintenance Manuals.

Tire mounting and tire management according to customer requirements.

Manufacturing and testing of brake disk pads.

Starters/Generators and Magnetos

We were the first Portuguese organisation certified to perform the 500 hours inspection and overhaul on all TCM and Slick magnetos. We also maintain, repair and overhaul Starters/Generators from all major manufacturers.

NDT’S – Non-Destructive Tests

We are certified to performs precision NDT’s inspection, (Boroscopie, Dye Penetrant, “Magnaflux”, Eddy Current and Ultra Sound Inspection) on any kind of parts. We are capable of training Level 2 technicians in our company.

Storage & Logistics

There are over 900 000 items in stock within our warehouse facility, allowing the company to quickly and precisely supply the needs of all continuous maintenance activities.

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